Don Santiago Quispe Ccapa

Don Santiago is a Paqo from the Q’ero people of Peru, he has served his community as Pampamesayoq (Andean Priest ceremonialist who works with offerings and other natural elements of the earth) since she was young, he dedicates his time to Pachamama and bring her medicine and wisdom to the local ones.

Don Santiago comes from a long lineage of Pampamesayoq paqos, or earth-keeper priests. As a Q’ero, his life story is inseparably connected to her place of birth; therefore, it is impossible to tell hir story without an understanding of both her people and where he comes from.

Named for the sacred cup used by the ancient priests of the Tawantinsuyu empire, known to modern history as the Inca, the Q’ero call themselves “Children of the Sun.” Until very recently most Q’ero lived high up in the Andes Mountains. His ancestral home at Charkapata was located at 15,500 feet above sea level, according to Don Santiago, “to be closer to the Apus the mountains’ gods.

Like many indigenous people of South America, the Q’ero have passed down an oral history across time immemorial that they originate in the stars. The Pleiades, whom they call their Star Relatives, are of great significance to them.

Don Santiago comments “it was a simple, hard and happy life.” Don Santiago’s recollections of his youth are filled with great memories of a loving family. He describes his father Don Mariano initiated him at the base of Apu Wamanlipa and Pumaqocha to become an earth keeper, Santiago comments his experience that a very cold night at that elevation but deep to the archetype power of the Puma, during his meditation the sounds of the cougar was constantly around him and he always felt save, also images came finto his vision like owls and eagles. His father encouraged him to experience a deeply connection with Pachamama and the Apus. As part of his growing Don Santiago gets every year a Mosoq Karpay a the base of the powerful Apus like Ausangate by his father.

A Pampamesayoq ceremonialist in making offerings to Pachamama and the Archetypes Don Santiago dedicates his time to honor the cosmos from the high mountains in the region of Qero.