Mayu – Cosmic River Masterclass

Serena Holland invites Serena students and graduates to the Mayu – Cosmic River Masterclass, which will be held on April 20, 2018 in building De Elegast, Rijksstraatweg 37 in Ubbergen (near Nijmegen) from 10:00-17:00. You are welcome in De Elegast from 09:30 and at 13:00 there is a possibility to have lunch there. For this masterclass we ask you to bring your 7 black meteorite Chumpi stones or you can buy them from the Paqos.

In this one-day-workshop, the Paqos will share with the participants the medicine of the Meteorite Chumpi stones, Chumpi means “belt” in Quechua.

In the mystical tradition this refers to the seven “belts of power” of the energy body.

Khuyas are stones that are infused with your affection. The word “khuya” literally means affection. The seven Chumpi khuyas are infused with your sami, personal power, and munay – love. In this way, they are holy stones.

The Chumpis open the mystical eye ñawis; there are seven belts: the one under the navel is called Uray Chumpi, on the navel is Qosqo chumpi, above the navel Chusaq Chumpi and on the heart Sonqo Chumpi, on the neck Kunka Chumpi, on the forehead Mat’i Chumpi and on the crown Kurun Chumpi.

In the understanding of the Paqos the meteorite Chumpis have a deep connection with the Milky Way and each Chumpi is connected to a constellation of the Milky Way.

The experience of being immersed in this Andean wisdom teaching offers each of us the possibility of a deeply expanded experience of our relationship with the cosmos.

Please join us for this sacred masterclass, as we walk together with infinite light.